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  4. Only good wholesome ingredients
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Tamarillo Products
Traditional Tamarillo Chutney Traditional Tamarillo Chutney
The all-time favourite of generations of New Zealanders. Fruity and delicious, this is great with cheeses or any meats.
Size: 170gm
Price: $9.00
Tamarillo Tang Tamarillo Tang
Our biggest seller! A dark, rich chutney with an Asian tang.
Flavoured with Vietnamese mint & chilli. Great with red meats (particularly game) and cheeses.
Size: 170gm
Price: $9.00
Tamarillo Vinegar (World Famous – seriously!) Tamarillo Vinegar (World Famous – seriously!)
An exquisite fruit vinegar with many uses: in vinaigrettes, as a drizzle over steamed greens & asparagus, as a deglaze before serving meats, as a scintillating addition to stews & soups, and as a cocktail!
Size: 250ml
Price: $15.00
Tamarillo & Macadamia Oil Vinaigrette Tamarillo & Macadamia Oil Vinaigrette
This sensational dressing is just made for summer days..... fresh crunchy salads, bright green asparagus, chargrilled vegetables - and our Tamarillo & Macadamia Oil vinaigrette. Nothing else needed!
Size: 250ml
Price: $15.00
Tamarillo Jam with Mint Tamarillo Jam with Mint
A fabulous new product designed for lamb, but also great with cheese and on toast! The minty flavour adds a uniqueness to this jam.
Size: 170gm
Price: $9.00
Tamarillo Jelly with Merlot Tamarillo Jelly with Merlot
A clear, bright red jelly with a slurp of merlot to set off the taste. The essential addition to your cheese board or cold cuts platter.
Size: 110gm
Price: $9.00
Gift Boxes
Large Gift Box Large Gift Box
An indulgence for you or a stunning present. Contains one of our chutneys, our fabulous Tamarillo & Merlot Jelly & Tamarillo vinegar, bottle of Lochiel Estate Pinot Gris & Chapel Olive Oil. Award winners!
Size: Large
Price: $75.00
Small Gift Box Small Gift Box
A lovely gift for any foodie. Contains our vinegar, tamarillo tang & tamarillo & mint jam in a wonderful reusable wooden box. We can freight on your behalf.
Size: Small
Price: $40.00
What people have said...
Your tamarillo vinegar is THA BEST...
- Alice
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