liards large tamarillos orchard


tamarillos sliced juicy

Our deliciously tangy tamarillos are jam packed full of flavour and goodness.

The tamarillo is a sub-tropical plant which thrives in warm climates where the risk of frost is low. This makes Maungatapere, with its rich volcanic soil, a terrific growing location.

Tamarillos are world famous in NZ.  Known rather mundanely as tree tomatoes up until 1967, they were in need of an image overhaul. The New Zealand Tree Tomato Promotions Council is responsible for dubbing them the tamarillo - originating from the Maori word “tama,” meaning leadership, and the Spanish word “amarillo,” meaning yellow. The red-skinned variety was propagated right here in Aotearoa, with only yellow and purple varieties available before 1920. Following the Second World War, when citrus fruit was hard to come by, the popularity of the tamarillo flourished. New varieties are larger, tastier, and juicier. Yum!

Tamarillos are low calorie but high fibre. One tamarillo will ensure you get 89% of your daily vitamin C requirement, and around a quarter of your vitamin A and E needs.  They are round, and glossy red, literally bursting with juicy goodness.

We grow four varieties of Tamarillos on our orchard:

  • Mulligan: Medium  sized, oval and dark red fruit with full acidic flavour.
  • Ted’s Red: Large round bright red fruit with a tangy acidic flavour.
  • Laird’s Large: Large red fruit with a tangy acidic flavour similar to Ted’s Red.
  • Bold Gold: Large golden fruit with less acidic flavour.

Tamarillos are ripe when picked but taste improves as they soften in your fruit bowl. The will last about a week on the bench and 14 days in the fridge.

Our tamarillos are generally harvested from late April through to early September. They come to you straight from the tree - you can’t get any fresher than that!